High Quality Writing Instruments

Waldmann International Warranty

Each Waldmann writing instrument features a design of timeless elegance, combining superb value with the highest quality. Waldmann guarantees the authentic materials, the perfect manufacturing and impeccable functioning. Each component is subject to strict quality controls.

Waldmann Warranty

By purchasing a Waldmann writing instrument, you choose the finest product made from solid sterling silver 925. Silver surfaces however, do darken by oxidation in the course of time. When regularly using a writing instrument made from solid sterling silver 925 this oxidation process will not occur quickly but you may clean and polish it by means of the Waldmann silver cleaning cloth included with every writing instrument on delivery. In the case of extreme oxidation, we recommend that you pre-clean with a special silver polish by using a cotton cloth, and to polish it with a Waldmann silver cleaning cloth afterwards.

10 year warranty period
The warranty period for WALDMANN writing instruments is 10 years and begins on the date of purchase. At the end of this warranty period repair costs will be incurred. The warranty will cover any manufacturing error, but does not include: loss, theft, accident, normal wear and tear, damages caused by misuse or unauthorized third parties, user-specific modifications as well as usage of different accessories not produced or recommended by WALDMANN (such as ink cartridges, converters, refills etc.), results of the normal ageing process, damages of surface caused by skin cream, perfumes, shampoos, perspiration, cleanser for household or industrial purposes etc.

The warranty certificate
Warranty adjustments can only be claimed upon presentation of the completed and dated Waldmann warranty certificate signed by an authorized Waldmann dealer. This warranty entitles you to particular rights. Further national rights may exist according to each country.
Note: Leather and wood are high-value natural living materials. Imperfections of colour and structure are typical quality characteristics, as well as discolouration and wear over the course of time. These characteristics actually underline the material's authenticity and will not be covered by the warranty.

Should your Waldmann writing instrument show a manufacturing defect, please kindly contact us.